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Top Attractions In Branson For First-Time Visitors

Located in southwestern Missouri, Branson is one of the top tourist destinations in the American Midwest. Known as a family-friendly alternative to Las Vegas, this city has plenty of amusement parks, museums, and shows to dazzle visitors of all ages. Besides world-class entertainment, visitors to Branson will find plenty of amusement parks, festivals, and world-class shopping destinations to explore.

Anyone interested in taking a trip to beautiful Branson should take a peek at this article. Below, we'll list some of the most popular tourist attractions you could enjoy in Branson.

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1. Rides & Mines At Silver Dollar City

Let's start with one of the top draws in Branson for kids: Silver Dollar City amusement park.

While this 61-acre park has a 1880s-themed atmosphere, Silver Dollar City boasts some of Branson's most state-of-the-art thrill rides. A few fan favorites include the WildFire roller coaster, the American Plunge water ride, and the new Time Traveler spinning coaster.

There are also plenty of less intense attractions at Silver Dollar City for younger visitors like the Wings of Wonder butterfly ride, the Frisco Silver Dollar Line Steam Train, and a Swinging Bridge.

The most iconic site in Silver Dollar City, however, is the Marvel Cave. First discovered by Native Americans in the 1500s, Marvel Cave was first called Marble Cave by Canadians in the late 1800s because miners believed they could extract marble deposits from this natural wonder.

After miners failed to discover any precious minerals inside the cave, locals renamed this area Marvel Cave and invited tourists to explore its astonishing depths. Touring the Marvel Cave is the oldest attraction in Silver Dollar City and remains one of the must-see experiences in

Branson. You'll find the entrance to Silver Dollar City at 399 Silver Dollar City Parkway. For assistance finding exceptional tour packages of Silver Dollar City, be sure to check out The Vacation Store before you visit Branson.

2. A Satisfying Meal & Show At Dolly Parton's Stampede

If you're looking to experience one of the highest-rated family-friendly dinner shows in Branson, then look no further than Dolly Parton's Stampede at 1525 W 76 Country Boulevard.

As you enjoy a four-course meal you'll watch some exceptional equestrians perform tricks in a 35,000 square foot theatre. Dolly Parton's Stampede also features a comedy show called Skeeter & Nuget as well as a horse-riding competition.

You can't go wrong booking a dinner show at the legendary Dolly Parton's Stampede.

3. The Epic Of The Ozark Mountains: Shepard of the Hills

Of all of Branson's shows, the Shepherd of the Hills is one of the longest-running and most dramatic nighttime performances. Based on a 1907 novel of the same name, this drama tells the story of a community struggling to survive in the harsh Ozark Mountains at the end of the 19th century.

With a cast of over 90 actors and stuntmen on an outdoor stage, Shepherd of the Hills is an exciting way to learn about the history of Missouri.

You'll find the Shepherd of the Hills theater at 5586 W 76 Country Boulevard. Tickets can sometimes be hard to get for Shepherd of the Hills, so consider contacting The Vacation Store to help you experience this legendary performance.

4. Brilliant Branson Christmas Festivities

The most stunning time to visit Branson is during the holiday season, which stretches from November to December. During this time of the year, Branson is transformed into a winter wonderland with millions of Christmas lights and decorations.

The most celebrated Christmas light display in the city is undoubtedly "An Old Time Christmas" in Silver Dollar City. At least 6 million lights are used in this incredible light display set to traditional Christmas carols. Silver Dollar City also hosts a nightly Holly Jolly Christmas Light Parade, which features Rudolf the Red-Nosed Reindeer, Frosty the Snowman, and, of course, Santa Claus!

During the Christmas season, Branson's Scenic Railway turns into the incredible Polar Express. Based on the film version of the children's classic, Branson's Polar Express takes guests to the North Pole to meet Old Saint Nick. Just like in the 2004 Tom Hanks movie, guests on this Polar Express are treated to plenty of hot, hot chocolate on their wild ride up north.

Without a doubt, visiting Branson during Christmastime is an unforgettable experience. Please contact The Vacation Store if you need help scheduling your Branson vacation at this wondrous time of year.

5. Other Fabulous Branson Festivals

If you're not dazzled by Christmas festivities, Branson also has many other exceptional festivals throughout the year. For example, people visiting in May can check out the Bluegrass and BBQ festival for…you guessed it, live bluegrass music and finger-licking-good ribs! In the summer, be sure to show your patriotism at Branson's Star-Spangled Summer Fest and sing a joyful song during the Southern Gospel Picnic.

A few other fantastic events in Branson include the National Crafts & Cowboy Festival in the fall, Veterans Week in November, and the Ozark Mountain Shindig Festival between April and May. No matter what time of year you're visiting, be sure to check out what festivals are going on in Branson.

6. Shop at Branson Landing

Last, but certainly not least, be sure to schedule some time to shop & dine in Branson's premiere mall: Branson Landing by Lake Taneycomo.

With well over 100 stores, there's a little something for everyone's tastes at this incredible shopping center. The two anchor stores in Branson Landing are Bass Pro Shops and Belk. A few other big-name stores you'll find here include H&M, Build-A-Bear, Chico's, and New Balance.

Branson Landing is also home to many wonderful dining options ranging from Buffalo Wild Wings to Level 2 Steakhouse.

Even if you don't end up buying anything at this spectacular mall, be sure to watch the Landing's marvelous water fountain show at the top of each hour.



Branson MO For Vacations for any season

Explore Branson, Missouri in Any Season

The Vacation Store can bring you to the bustling Ozark town of Branson, Missouri and it is consistently rated one of the best places in America for a family-friendly vacation. And for good reason! This quaint region offers a myriad of entertainment and recreational options, nestled into the beautiful Ozark Mountains and located a stone's throw away from some of the country's most refreshing freshwater lakes.

After a long and busy day exploring all of Branson, you will want to relax in a spacious condo designed to accommodate families of any size. The Vacation Store of Branson has all of your lodging needs covered with a variety of vacation club accommodations available to choose from, including RCI Points and more. Our team of professional and friendly associates is eager to assist you with all of your Branson vacation planning needs. From lodging requests to vacation packages to ticket sales, we have all of your bases covered.

Before you jump into the planning of this special trip, here are some of the top places to consider visiting when in Branson:

TABLE ROCK LAKE: Branson and the entire Ozark region is known for its pristine and largely untouched landscape. Stretching over 50,000 acres and boasting almost 800 miles of shoreline, Table Rock Lake is the king of the bodies of the water in the Ozarks. The clean waters are a haven for swimmers, boaters, and those looking for exceptional fishing opportunities. Visitors wanting to rent boats or fishing equipment can stop by either the State Park Marina or the Indian Point Marina for assistance. Those wanting a more relaxed tour of the lake are invited to take a two-hour dinner cruise on the famous Showboat Branson Belle. Whether you are looking for thrills out on the lake or just some relaxation in the sun, Table Rock Lake is an ideal place to enjoy the beauty of the great outdoors while you connect with Mother Nature.

SILVER DOLLAR CITY: Step back into time at Silver Dollar City amusement park. This family-friendly park has been thrilling visitors for decades with its wide mix of roller coasters, water rides, and tamer rides for the kiddie set. The late 19-century theme is a slice of Americana, transporting guests back to a simpler time. Silver Dollar City is also known for its vast entertainment options, featuring a variety of musical performances and storytellers. Don't forget to sample the homemade taffy and caramel apples on your way out!

SIGHT & SOUNDS THEATER: When you are ready to take in a show, the Sight & Sound Theater is the place to be. This 2,000-seat venue is home to a myriad of entertainment offerings. The stadium-style seating and family viewing area make it a great place to take the kids. Shows vary so be sure to check the schedule before you leave.

SHEPHERD OF THE HILLS FISH HATCHERY: Conveniently located next to Table Rock Lake, this trout-rearing facility is owned and operated by the Missouri Department of Conservation. Allowing guests to get up close and personal with rainbow and brown trout, this educational experience is an ideal adventure when near the Table Rock area. Four hiking trails, a nature center, and abundant picnic facilities make it a fun outing.

BRANSON LANDING: Shopping and dining enthusiasts will delight in this outdoor shopping center located along the shores of idyllic Lake Taneycomo. Over 100 storefronts beckon shoppers while foodies will appreciate the eclectic mix of dining options. A lakeside boardwalk and an impressive water fountain and light show provide hours of entertainment to shoppers. Those craving more adventure can sign up for Parakeet Pete's Waterfront Zipline, taking guests on an exhilarating ride across the lake.

WHITE WATER BRANSON: As the temperature begins to soar, savvy travelers will make room in their itinerary to visit White Water Branson water park. Boasting two million gallons of water spread out across a lazy river, speed slide, 500,000-gallon wave pool, and more, White Water is sure to cool you down on even the hottest Missouri days.

DIXIE STAMPEDE: Country music lovers should not miss the venerable Dixie Stampede experience. Orchestrated by legendary performer Dolly Parton, this dinner show features 32 horses and their riders prancing across the stage in perfect unison. Music, dancing, and comedy highlight the patriotic show. A four-course meal will fill your bellies while the soaring music and special effects will fill your heart.

FESTIVALS GALORE: There is always something new going on in Branson. Although summer is considered to be the area's high tourist season, a series of annual festivals keep Branson hopping all year long. In the fall, visitors will enjoy the Harvest Festival or special Veteran's Day celebrations. Wintertime brings the peace and joy of the holiday season as Branson perfectly demonstrates the pure spirit of the season with a Christmas parade and tree lighting ceremony. The spring brings warmer weather and the new Festival of Wonder in April and the well-loved Bluegrass & BBQ Festival in May. Temperatures sizzle as Branson celebrates America with the massive Star-Spangled Summer Festival in June and July. Regardless of the season, there is never a dull moment in Branson.

Clearly, there is enough to keep a family busy for weeks in Branson. The only thing that is standing between you and the perfect family vacation is a little planning. The attentive staff at The Vacation Store welcomes the opportunity to help you plan the vacation of a lifetime.

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Planning a Frugal Family Vacation

Planning on vacationing this year? Knowing you’ve created a family vacation that will not only bring smiles to the faces of your clan, but also leave you free of burdensome debt is worth every ounce of time you’ll put into planning. Allow me (oh, do tell me, Great Frugal One...) to gently guide you into the unknown world of the frugal vacationer; a place where no family goes without a splashy summer excursion, a place where keen strategy reigns and overpriced admission-fees die–only in–The Travel Tightwad Zone...

Plan ahead. The main ingredient for debt-free vacation success is planning and saving well in advance of the actual trip. My husband and I recently took a trip to South Dakota. We saved for many months until we mustered up $1000.00. Budgeting for our one-week trip according to the amount of money we had, helped us to come back from the trip with money in our pockets.

Go to a state that touches yours. Don't think you can afford a vacation across the world? How about across the state? By driving a few hours to a bordering city in another state, you can get the feel of an exciting adventure with little time and monetary commitment.

Spring for the kitchenette. By booking either a kitchenette hotel room or choosing a small housekeeping cabin, you will have the freedom of grocery shopping when you arrive at your vacation spot. This will enable you to be in full control of how much you eat out. Of course, you'll still want to indulge in a restaurant or two–but doing most of the cooking in your room will end up saving you tons of cash. Yet another miserly twist–be sure to bring along an ice chest and an electric frying pan. Some motels offer small refrigerators and microwaves in the rooms as well. Do your homework and opt for foods which are a bit easier to cook–you are on vacation, after all!

Plan for only one admission-based activity. Our family opted to visit South Dakota for its unique Reptile Gardens facility. We purposefully planned our weeks stay and included only two admission-based activities in our itinerary. We enjoyed cave-discovering hikes, traveled the streets of local historic towns, and were even blessed with a binocular view of ten prancing deer running along the base of the beautiful South Dakota mountains–all completely free!

Get in that car, and go! The cost of gas is certainly much less than the cost of your entire family's airline tickets. For a ten hour drive round-trip, you may have to fill your gas tank only 6-7 times. Compare this cost to the average airline ticket price of $350.00 per person. If the wear and tear on your vehicle really bugs you...renting a car is still a cost-effective way to travel by highway. Road trips also allow you to see many things you would certainly miss from the sky.

Stay in your own state. Don't forget the wonderful tourist possibilities in remote locations of your very own state. There are bound to be attractions in tiny towns you've never been to–or better yet–never even heard of! In my opinion, the smaller and older the town, the better. Many local cities offer unique namesakes such as “Home of the World’s Biggest Ball of Twine.” Now, how many people can say they’ve traveled from afar to see that?

Take a mini-vacation. Our family thoroughly enjoys what we like to term mini-vacations. This is simply a one-night stay in any city and in any hotel with a swimming pool. Even if you are only a few miles away from home, just being out of your native environment for one measly night has the ability to revive the spirit. This type of vacation is an ideal winter get-away.

Pitch a tent. If we are wise with our spending, camping trips can be a very economical way to vacation. Compare $15.00 per night of tenting to $65.00 per night in the cheapest motel, and you've got yourself a deal! If you are not fully equipped with all the gear you’ll need to camp, ask friends and family if they wouldn't mind lending you their equipment for your tree-hugging excursion. Chances are–that gear has remained untouched in their attic or garage for a long time–offer a trade-off for free dusting service.

Any sucker relatives? Got any hospitable relatives in different parts of the country? There's no better way to get to know your extended family members than to stay a few nights in their home. Plan your vacation according to where they are located. And of course–get their permission to come first! (We’re just cheap–not rude!)

Surf the Web for flight deals. If you decide to fly, don't forget to use the Internet to uncover some terrific deals on airline tickets. I have personally used to name my own price on $150.00 round-trip tickets from Minnesota to Nevada and back again numerous times now. The more willing you are to make connections, the more flexible your arrival and departure dates, the better chance you have to secure a whopper of a bargain.

Ditch the souvenirs, would ya?! How many times have you received a well-intentioned can-cooler plastered with the name of a recently visited geographic location from the relatives? Now, be honest–how many of you have felt the pangs of guilt as you slyly continued to scoot the nude-woman-silhouette-sporting Key West seashell further and further out of eyesight until it accidentally fell off the table? (Oops!) The internal pressure we feel to bring something back to friends and family is real–but let's do them a favor this year–and opt for sending the 25 cent postcard. Your pals and relatives can send their thank you cards directly to me.

In conclusion, vacationing this summer does not have to send you dipping into the 401K. If we take a little time to plot and drop some of our old "I want it this way or else!" ways it is very possible to travel without racking up the credit cards. Use the advice above to get your mind started in a frugal-vacation-thinking kind of way–and then come up with new ideas! Bon voyage!

The Value of Using Timeshare Points

Everyone has a different idea about what the "ideal" vacation would look like.

Why limit yourself to one resort or the expense of purchasing a timeshare. There is a much better way by buying into a vacation club and getting points.

If you are thinking about getting timeshare points, there are some pros to consider if you are on the fence. A points system allows tourists to stay at different places depending on how many points they have. The points are used as a form of currency and the slots for upcoming trips are offered on a first-come basis. Listed below are some of the advantages of the point system.

Advantages of the Point System:

  1. With the point system, you only pay for the places that you stay. If will then be easier to afford an expensive property that you would not be able to take care of during the year.
  2. If you like having a plan, the points will allow you the ability to have a guaranteed spot to get away from everything.
  3. Companies often offer the option to allow customers to trade times and locations if they want. This allows for flexibility with last minute changes or decisions.
  4. If there is a block of time that you have, but it does not work out for your trip, you can always schedule another time.
  5. Most points users allow their friends and families to use their properties. This is always a nice way to treat your loved ones to a good time.

The Vacation Store has a team of vacation experts that are trained to put together the perfect vacation. Every customer is valued and is offered individual attention as well as personalized service. The team of experts will make a plan that matches your budget, preferences, and timing. They will take care of anything that you need assistance with when planning your getaway. The company believes they offer some of the best prices compared to other vacation companies in the market. The company even matches prices of other vacation companies when you are planning your trip. There are a number of different destinations offered including, Pigeon Forge, New York, Hawaii, Orlando, Florida Keys, and Europe.

Visit Branson, Missouri For Spring Break

If you're looking for a fun and exciting family destination for Spring Break, Branson, Missouri has everything; impressive views of the crystal blue lakes and Ozark Mountains, live performances, and plenty of family-friendly attractions. When you're planning your trip to Missouri, the Vacation Store in Branson offers a variety of ways to save on travel and ticket sales with discount travel packages. Attractions that you won't want to miss while you're traveling in Missouri are:

Silver Dollar City

Silver Dollar City is famous as the country's 1880s style theme park. The park located in Missouri's Ozark Mountains has won international awards, features live musical performances, more than 60 unique shops, 12 restaurants with selections to tempt adults and kids, and 40 exciting rides. Silver Dollar City's designation as the "Home of American Craftsmen" is well deserved. Demonstrations of glass-blowing, pottery, wood carving, and a lot more fascinate visitors.

The kids will love meeting Lucky the Rescue Dog at Fireman's Landing, and there's plenty of live entertainment at Silver Dollar City. Hits From the Hollow is an evening entertainment show featuring featuring vocal groups, contemporary Christian music, and comedy.

The Street Troupe presents a fun version of Ozark humor. Cirqunique features former performers from America's Got Talent in a thrilling circus-style show with acrobats and juggling. The Cajun Connection features the traditional music of Louisiana and the Horsecreek Band plays bluegrass, gospel, and western tunes.

You can attend a service at Wilderness Church, an original log church built in 1849, or enjoy a Southern Gospel Picnic at Echo Hollow Amphitheater or Red Gold Heritage Hall. Seasonal events include Spring Ride Days with adventures for the family at Fireman's Landing and the Wild-Fire Roller Coaster with its multi loop twists and turns.

Silver Dollar City's attractions and rides are fun for kids and adults. The American Plunge travels five stories into the air then races down the track at 35 mile per hour, giving everyone around a real soaking. For the younger members of the family, the Homestead Animal Barnyard is the habitat of cute animals that lived on farms in the 19th-century. Happy Frogs, Ladybugs, and Half Dollar Holler and great fun for younger kids.

The newest attraction is the spectacular Time Traveler, the world's tallest, steepest, roller coaster with cars that spin around as it speeds along the track. The ride features a 90-degree vertical drop that's 10 stories high, a 95-foot vertical loop, and has a double launch. The roller coaster goes from zero to 47 miles- per-hour in three seconds.

Silver Dollar City has excellent places to shop including the Hospitality House for souvenirs of your visit, the Christmas Hollow, Lucky's Toys, and Brown's Candy Factory.

Dolly Parton's Stampede

Dolly Parton's Stampede Dinner Show is a must on your list of attractions, and is just a few minutes drive from all the main attractions in Branson. The show features 32 horses and riders performing heart-stopping stunts in a massive arena. The show features incredible special effects, music, and comedy that you experience while dining on a four-course dinner.

Before dinner take a walk through the stables to meet the Appaloosas, Palaminos, Paints, and Quarter Horses. The opening, comedy act performs in the Carriage Room. The country-style dinner includes barbecued chicken, pork loin, homemade biscuits, and unique desserts. Gluten-free and vegetarian dinners are available.

Search For Bigfoot

Bigfoot On The Strip features a 200-foot tower that's the highest spot in the city. The attraction has slingshot rides, free-fall rides, a maze to wander through, and miniature golf with a Bigfoot theme. On rainy days, head inside to the arcade to the 8D virtual ride. The Bigfoot Discovery Expedition heads out to the Bigfoot Farms outside town to search for mythical beasts or to meet the Scottish Highland Cattle that reside on the farm. After dark, the Bigfoot Action Tower has a light show synchronized to rock music.

Dinosaur Museum

The Dinosaur Museum features interactive activities for kids of every age. Kids can build their own dinosaur or participate in a dig for dinosaurs. Little ones love coloring pictures of dinosaurs. The fossils aren't real but the dinosaur sculptures are very realistic and show kids what dinosaurs actually looked like. The museum features an educational, high-definition movie that's entertaining for older kid, but may be a little intense for younger kids.

Shopping and Dining

Branson Landing has more than 100 specialty shops, restaurants, and entertainment. One of the most spectacular shows is the Landing Fountains, every hour on the hour starting at noon each day. The producers of the show create the fountain shows in Disney World and the Bellagio in Las Vegas. The Landing features well known restaurants and is the place to go if you want to experience a lunch or dinner cruise on Lake Taneycomo. The riverboats are climate-controlled and family-friendly.

White Water

White Water is one of the top water parks in the region, with attractions for adults, kids, and even toddlers. One of the most exciting attractions is KaPau Plummet. the waterslides start at 40 feet in the air and take you on a breathtaking ride. Raging River Rapids, Kalani Towers, and Pipeline Plunge are all unique and thrilling. Aloha River is the place for relaxing in the refreshing water, while four foot waves will break over you at Surf's Up Wave Pool. For the youngest children, Splashaway Cay or Coconut Cove are perfect.

Buying Tickets

With all the attractions and fun things to do in the area, first time visitors to Branson may feel a bit overwhelmed. The Vacation Store in Branson is your one-stop location for information on buying tickets and vacation packages for your trip to the area. They can help with tickets to all the major attractions in the area and frequently work within a budget to help you get the most out of your Branson visit. They have local experts who can help you with information on fall events in Branson, along with finding an ideal vacation package for your Thanksgiving trip to the area.

Members of the The Vacation Store in Branson can take advantage of vacation getaways at lower than regular prices. Enjoy all the amenities of a luxury resort. The accommodations are in condos that are roomy enough for families and large groups. Expansive living areas are perfect for relaxing after a busy day of sightseeing. Buying tickets and packages for all of the city's top attractions can all be done with one stop and you can stay within your budget. Contact us at The Vacation Store in Branson to discuss plans for your Missouri vacation.

Visit Branson, Missouri for a Fall or Thanksgiving Getaway

A visit to Branson, MO, is beautiful anytime of year, but can be especially exciting during the fall season. Branson also provides a wonderful place to spend your Thanksgiving holiday with the family. This family-friendly town has plenty to do for everyone from children to seniors and those in between. When searching for tickets and vacation packages for the area, The Vacation Store in Branson can be the best source for any information you may need. While in the area, don't forget to enjoy the beauty of the Ozark mountains. There are boat tours on the nearby lakes, helicopter tours over the mountains, and plenty of places for hiking and exploring. Branson is also home to many restaurants and places for shopping.

Silver Dollar City

This 1880's themed park is one of the highlights of visiting the Branson area. Silver Dollar City has something for all ages. There are shows featuring country, bluegrass gospel, and other types of music. Thrill seekers will also be pleased with the thrill rides at the park, which include several roller coasters. There are also plenty of rides for the younger kids.The park is also home to some fun fall events. Visitors to Silver Dollar City will enjoy seeing the National Crafts & Cowboys Festival which runs from September through October. Those who visit during the month of November can even enjoy an early Christmas celebration with Silver Dollar City's An Old Time Christmas. This Christmas celebration features lights, decor, and a festive atmosphere throughout the park.

Dolly Parton's Dixie Stampede

Dixie Stampede is a very popular attraction in Branson and is likely the most unique dining experience you'll ever experience. Visitors to Dixie Stampede not only get a full meal, but also a great show to go along with it. The meal includes a whole rotisserie chicken, a hickory smoked pork loin, vegetable soup, corn on the cob, a homemade biscuit, a baked potato, and a bakery dessert. Meals also come with unlimited drinks. They also offer a vegetarian meal. Children under 3 can sit on a parent's lap to share their plate. The show at Dixie Stampede includes live animals, pyrotechnics, music and professional performers. They also have a special Christmas show beginning in late October with a live Nativity.

Other Branson Attractions

Branson is full of attractions for visitors of all ages. History enthusiasts may want to visit the Titanic Museum which gives a history of the ill-fated ship, along with showcasing some actual artifacts from the ship. The Sights and Sounds Theater is also a very popular attraction in Branson. This live theater has a variety of shows, some featuring live animals. Those who appreciate natural beauty may enjoy a visit to Marvel Cave. This limestone cave system under the beautiful Ozark mountains has the largest cave entryway in the U.S. The Branson area is also home to some great shopping which includes everything from locally made crafts to outlet shopping featuring all your favorite brands.

Buying Tickets

With all the attractions and fun things to do in the area, first time visitors to Branson may feel a bit overwhelmed. The Vacation Store in Branson is your one-stop location for information on buying tickets and vacation packages for your trip to the area. They can help with tickets to all the major attractions in the area and frequently work within a budget to help you get the most out of your Branson visit. They have local experts who can help you with information on fall events in Branson, along with finding an ideal vacation package for your Thanksgiving trip to the area.

Special Fall Celebrations

A visit to Branson in the fall means beautiful views of fall leaves and fun fall celebrations. If you find yourself in the Branson area in late October, there are several Halloween themed activities for the kids to enjoy, including a trick-or-treat event at Tanger Outlets on October 31st. Fall is also a great time to take a dinner cruise on Table Rock Lake like those offered by the Showboat Branson Belle. These cruises provide an excellent opportunity to see the mountains and enjoy great food and entertainment.

Thanksgiving in Branson

If you're spending the Thanksgiving holiday in Branson, you may want to plan ahead for the big meal. There are many options in the area that are open for Thanksgiving dinner if you wish to have someone else do all the hard work. There are some restaurants in the area that are providing an entire Thanksgiving feasts for guests. If you plan on dining out for your big Thanksgiving meal, be sure to call ahead for reservations. Those who prefer to cook the meal on their own can choose from one of the many different grocery stores for all your cooking needs. Some of these stores actually offer pre-cooked full meals that allow you to enjoy your family meal in the comfort of your vacation rental without all the prep work and cooking time.

Branson, MO, is a beautiful place to visit year-round, but the fall is one of the best times of the year. The Ozark mountains are covered in fall colors of red, orange, and yellow, providing an amazing backdrop for your vacation. If you visit later in the fall for Thanksgiving, you can take advantage of the early Christmas decorations and even do some Christmas shopping at some of the many area stores and outlets. When deciding on things to do and see in Branson, a quick call or email to The Vacation Store in Branson can provide you with all the information you need to plan your stay. They offer tickets to many area events and vacation packages at various price points to help you with your vacation planning.

Advantages of Staying in a Condominium When You Travel to Branson Missouri

There is no denying that staying in a five star hotel while on vacation is great. However, this doesn’t beat the price or convenience of staying in a condominium when you travel to Branson Missouri. So what else makes staying in a condominium great?

1. Cooking meals

Condominiums in Branson have well equipped kitchens with stainless steel equipment and granite countertops. Other extras include full sized coffee makers, toasters, blenders and grills. This presents endless opportunities for you and your family to enjoy home cooked meals while on vacation. You can forget about your food choices being limited to what the hotel serves.

2. More space

This is probably the biggest advantage of renting a condominium on your trip to Branson, Missouri. That’s especially true if you will be staying for long. Due to the fact that condominiums have generally separate sitting, dining and sleeping areas; you can rest assured that you will not be confined to a small bedroom. This can keep you from going crazy, especially on extended business trips where you need a “homey” space to go back to after a long day of work.

3. Less frequent housekeeping

This may seem weird considering one of the main benefits of staying in a hotel is that you never have to clean your room or make the bed. However, the fact that housekeeping staff show up to your room each day, sometimes several times in a day, can quickly prove annoying, especially if you go out at night and just want to sleep in. There is also the risk of losing valuables. The best way to get around these downsides is to rent a condominium. Serviced condos are usually cleaned twice or thrice a week, which is way less frequent than a hotel. This gives you the increased privacy you desire.

4. Convenient configuration for group or family travel

If you are traveling with a group of friends or family, renting a condominium makes more sense than paying for a hotel room. This is because many condos have several bathrooms as well as bedrooms branching from the central living area. It’s a great configuration for families or couples that are traveling together since everyone gets their own private space but can still enjoy hanging out in the shared living room.


The Vacation Store is your source for the best your vacation club. We also can gives you ideas and solutions for your leisure and recreation fu. The Vacation Store is your one stop shop if you need timeshare points for reduced costs, as well as access to the diverse array of travel benefits in Missouri and beyond.